• Navarra

    FUNDAGRO, an UAGN foundation. The team leader.

    FUNDAGRO is a foundation created in January 2002 to facilitate rural development within the agricultural and forestry professions. It facilitate activities which encourage training, modernization, productivity, profitablility, employment, occupational health, the integration of women, etc, with special consideration for the optimum use of and the conservation of natural resources.

  • Atlantic Pyrenees

    Chamber of Agriculture of the Atlantic Pyrenees.

    The Chamber of Agriculture of the Atlantic Pyrenees is a public organization managed by elected members. They represent the whole of the rural world and agriculture: farmland owners, employees, forest rangers as well as financial and social organizations and trade unions. It is an advisory, professional and representative office of all agricultural issues.

  • Basque Country

    Itsasmendikoi: Integral Centre for Training, Employment and Rural Development of the Basque Government.

    The mission of IMK is to proactively contribute to the sustainability of the rural and coastal environment and to improve the competitiveness of the agriculture, maritime and fishery sectors. Based on policies and strategies of the Department of Environment, Planning, Agriculture and Fisheries of the Basque Government in collaboration with stakeholders, it supports comprehensive training services, employment and entrepreneurship,and rural and coastal development, all with a deep commitment to people and innovation.

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